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FORM A: Intent to Write a Proposal

Submit Form A as soon as possible after deciding to apply for a grant. This gets routed to your institution’s Dean of Administration or Chief Budget/Finance Officer for approval. If you are a faculty member, it goes to your Provost or Chief Academic Officer as well. It also provides a heads up to the VSC Office of Sponsored Projects that a proposal is in the works.

FORM B: Budget Review and Compliance Certification 

Submit this form at least two business days before the proposal is due. It goes to the Office of Sponsored Projects for review, then is routed to your institution’s approving officials, including the Dean of Administration/Chief Budget Officer, Provost/Chief Academic Officer (if applicable), and the President.

FORM C: New Award Set Up

Within 30 days of being notified of your grant award, submit Form C, along with a signed copy of the grant agreement. If the amount awarded differs from the proposed budget, include a revised budget. This is routed to your President for approval. Once Form C is approved, the Business Office will set up the grant account.

FORM D: Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Research proposals must include Form D. This is uploaded and submitted with Form B.

FORM E: Significant Financial Interest Disclosure

If you answered “YES” to any question on Form D, you must complete Form E. It requires presidential review.


Quarterly Time and Effort Form

Instructions: T&E Form Submission Process
Instructions: T&E Approval Process


Competitive Bid Form
Non-Competitive Bid Form


A Guide to Preparing Grant Budgets
FY23 Fringe Benefit Summary – FT Faculty
FY23 Fringe Benefit Summary – Non-Union
FY23 Fringe Benefit Summary – VSCUP-PAT
FY23 Fringe Benefit Summary – VSEA


Subrecipient Annual Report
Subrecipient vs. Contractor Checklist
List of allowable costs
CITI Course List